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Author: Brook

Bloom Brings the Bass to Sonic Blossom – Artist Preview

Sonic Blossom returns to Cervantes as a two room venue festival November 10. Sonic Bloom is one of our favorite festivals, notorious for bringing sophisticated bass music to CO year after year. Blossom is a preview of the quality low end that will be coming...

ryan viser volumetric mhsm
Ryan Viser Releases Volumetric EP

  In 2017, Ryan Viser has been steadily picking up speed, stirring up the electronic music scene with his lucrative trumpet playing and talented production. In the past year, he has developed a reputation for lighting up the stage as a solo artist along with many...

Rage Rocks lettuce ghostface killah
Catch Lettuce and Ghostface Killah at 2nd Annual Rage Rocks

  Hip-hop and funk reunite for a killer lineup at Red Rocks Amphitheater this Saturday, May 13th. The show will feature Lettuce with one of the original members of Wu-Tang Clan — Ghostface Killah — along with bassist legend, George Porter Jr. Other great supporting acts include...

New Music Monday: Collidoscope

  It may sound strange but funky jamtronica-inspired band Collidoscope reminds us a lot of Baskin Robbins ice cream — there's no shortage of flavor. The Austin-based group bloomed from the relationship of producers Hank Brigham and James Hatch, who believe the best ideas are “formed when...

sonic bloom 2017
Join us at the Sonic Bloom 2017 Pre-Party!

  Once again, a special treat awaits fans at Cervantes’ Masterpiece for a two-night pre-party celebration honoring and preparing for Colorado’s most cherished summer festival: Sonic Bloom. For a limited time tickets can be purchased for $35 in advance, giving you dual venue access for both Friday,...

blunt force euphoria 2017
Blunt Force Reflects On Returning Home to Euphoria For 4th Time

  Euphoria and Blunt Force are a match made in heaven. What began in 2012 as a small immersive arts festival quickly flourished, taking bands like Blunt Force, who first played the fest back in 2014, to new heights. Per the music visionaries, Brian Gustafson and Deniz Baykal, Euphoria is like "coming home to...