Inside Out Presents | Blunt Force
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Blunt Force is the musical vision of Austin, Texas locals Brian Gustafson & Deniz Baykal. Mixing elements of funk, hip-hop, and livetronica, Blunt Force has quickly gained notoriety throughout the scene with their unique blend of styles.

Heavily influenced by the rise of sample-driven electronic music, Gustafson sought to add his own touch to this newly emerging genre. After moving to Austin, Texas in 2011 to attend St. Edward’s University, Gustafson began producing music out of his freshman dorm room. Not wanting to be just another DJ, Gustafson strived to create a unique style of his own by blending sample-based productions with rhythmic guitar riffs.

Blunt Force began performing live in the fall of 2012. With the addition of live guitar in his sets, he began to stir up quite the buzz around the Austin scene. After playing extensively in Austin, Gustafson slowed down in 2013 to focus more on his productions. This resulted in the release of his first EP, “A Brighter Tomorrow”, in February of 2014. After the release of “A Brighter Tomorrow”, Gustafson paired up with drummer, Deniz Baykal, who he had met while attending St. Edward’s University. The two debuted the new live show at Euphoria Music Festival in April of 2014. The match was a perfect fit, bringing even more of a live dynamic to the already high energy Blunt Force live set.

Blunt Force has shared the stage with acts such as: Paul Basic, The Floozies, Big Wild, Orchard Lounge, Dopapod, Opiuo Live Band, Freddy Todd, DrFameus (Allen of the Disco Biscuits), Michal Menert, Kill Paris, Sunsquabi, Late Night Radio, Robotic Pirate Monkey, TAUK, Archnemesis, The Main Squeeze, Filibusta, SuperVision, The Magic Beans + many more. In addition, Blunt Force has racked up performances at some of the most notorious festivals across the U.S. including festivals such as : Euphoria Music Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Sonic Bloom Music Festival’s fall festival, Sonic Blossom, Art Outside Music & Arts Festival, Head for the Hills Music & Arts Festival, and UtopiaFest.

Blunt Force teamed up with Denver producer, Kinetik Groove, in mid 2014 to form a live instrumentation and glitch-hop side-project, which the two called Kinetik Force. Kinetik Force released their first EP titled “Fusion” in December of 2014. Soon after, the two unleashed  “Fusion – The Remixes” in April of 2015 featuring remixes from artists such as Vibe Street, Orphic, Fractal Sky, and The Digital Connection. Follow-up releases to “A Brighter Tomorrow” and “Fusion” are expected sometime in early 2016.

More information at: or view Blunt Force’s electronic press kit.