Inside Out Presents | New Music Monday: Collidoscope
Inside Out Presents New Music Monday band: Collidoscope. Be sure to check out the flavorful bands performance at this years Spread The Word Music Festival in Denver, CO.
New Music Monday, Inside Out Presents, Collidoscope, Spread The Word Music Festival
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02 May New Music Monday: Collidoscope

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It may sound strange but funky jamtronica-inspired band Collidoscope reminds us a lot of Baskin Robbins ice cream — there’s no shortage of flavor.

The Austin-based group bloomed from the relationship of producers Hank Brigham and James Hatch, who believe the best ideas are “formed when individual experiences, tastes, and backgrounds cross paths and spill into each other.” Each member has a unique musical background that allows the trio to embrace live improvisation, resulting in a colorful collaboration exclusive to each new song and live performance. The band believes that “every experience is a new collision,” a theme that can easily be identified through their style of music.

Don’t miss your chance to see Collidoscope live at their upcoming performance on May 5th at the annual Spread The Word Music Festival in Denver, CO. Also, be sure to check out our favorite songs, “What the Funk” and “Off Days,” on Soundcloud or on Facebook.