Inside Out Presents | Ryan Viser Releases New 2017 EP
Ryan Viser is set to release new Volumetric EP through MHSM, tomorrow, May 23rd. Also be on the lookout for Ryan at the 16th annual Summer Camp Music Festival.
Ryan Viser, Volumetric EP, MHSM, Inside Out Presents, Summer Camp Music Festival 2017
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ryan viser volumetric mhsm

23 May Ryan Viser Releases Volumetric EP

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In 2017, Ryan Viser has been steadily picking up speed, stirring up the electronic music scene with his lucrative trumpet playing and talented production. In the past year, he has developed a reputation for lighting up the stage as a solo artist along with many impressive guest appearances. With energetic album releases in 2015 & 2016, Ryan is at it again in 2017; he just released his Volumetric EP through our friends at the reputable Mile High Sound Movement (MHSM).

This original compilation is nothing short of genius. It’s the perfect accompaniment to getting you up and going, and you won’t be able to stop moving to these magmatic sounds that will melt you straight down to your core. The Volumetric EP is only a taste of what the artist has to offer this year.

Download the full album here. Be on the lookout for this Inside Out Presents artist and noted trumpet player set to hit the stage this Thursday with Filibusta at the 16th annual Summer Camp Music Festival!

Learn more about Ryan Viser on our artists page.