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Blue Future Drops Hypnotic Remix of Defunk’s “Sins”

By Ashlee Czapla Blue Future is a talented producer from Chicago who has been pushing boundaries with his unique electronic hip-hop beats since 2015. Blue Future’s latest release is a remix of Defunk’s “Sins” featuring The Ragga Twins and a galactic, future bass twist.   With this remix...

Sonic Blossom Cervantes Sonic Bloom pre-party
Meet Sonic Blossom, Sonic Bloom’s Funky Pre-Party

Can't wait until Sonic Bloom 2017? We've got a magical pre-party with a stacked lineup to tide you over until next June! Join us at Sonic Blossom, a Sonic Bloom pre-party at Cervantes Masterpiece and Other Side in Denver on Friday, November 11, 2016. Sonic Bloom is known...