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Medeski’s Mad Skillet Cooks Up The Funk

  This Saturday, John Medeski returns to the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with his super funky group Mad Skillet. Composed of Medeski as well as Will Bernard, Kirk Joseph, and Terence Higgins, Mad Skillet’s debut performance was at a late night JazzFest afterparty in 2015. Since then,...

live music experience evolution stage design
3 Ways Artists are Innovating on the Live Music Game

By Lane Undhjem   Touring is one of the few remaining ways musicians can truly make a living. With the rise in popularity of live shows and festivals, we are in the midst of a truly innovative period in terms of artists creating full experiences through every...

festival tech gear packing list
10 Festival Gear Items You Don’t Know How You Lived Without

  Festival season is one of the greatest times of the year. You get to spend an entire weekend with your best friends filled with an absolute abundance of love and music in the air. But after your first festival or two, you may begin to...

best festival totem rage stick 2017
Festival Totem Awards 2017

Festival totems — you either hate 'em, or you love 'em. We truly see both sides of the issue, but you must admit, some of them are downright funny. (They're ESPECIALLY funny when carried by someone who respects the rest of the crowd to turn them...

jill brown m.o.b music electric forest her forest
M.O.B. Music Reflects on Electric Forest’s “Her Forest”

  There has been a lot of buzz in the music industry lately about the lack of equal gender representation, especially on stage. Electric Forest sought to face this challenge head on this year by introducing Her Forest, an initiative aimed at supporting women attendees and...

ideas for old festival wristbands
Crafty Ideas for Your Old Festival Wristbands and Ticket Stubs

By Brittany Smith   For festival and concert goers, old wristbands and ticket stubs can be very hard to let go of. What is it that makes the little pieces of fabric we wear on our wrists at festivals or the remaining stub of our ticket so...

Sonic Bloom Festival workshops 2017
There’s So Much More to Sonic Bloom Than an (Amazing) Lineup
Sonic Bloom just announced phase 2 of their 2017 lineup, and we are 1000% down. But besides the great music Sonic Bloom brings to the ranch each year, there's so much more to experience to get the full taste of this unique festival. Inside Out Presents' Brook McDonald attended Sonic Bloom last year, and gave us her tips on what else to check out at the festival.
What to bring to music festival
Ultimate Packing Guide: What to Bring (and Not!) to Music Festivals

Prepare yourself: festival season is upon us. Don’t be THAT guy or girl who arrives at the pre-party and realizes he forgot his tent poles. Luckily, many of our team members have experienced a camping snafu, before which is why we compiled The Ultimate Festival Packing List. Naturally, what you should bring...

Day for Night Festival
Why Day for Night is Different Than Any Festival You’ve Been To

We wouldn't call the festival and live music event space oversaturated--we like it that way. But with a seemingly new festival popping up every week, it is getting harder to decide which ones are worth spending your time, money and effort. Day for Night festival, taking place...