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Take Summer by Storm With Sonic Bloom Festival!

Summer is right around the corner and ready to hit with full force. It can truly only be described as one time: festival season. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the music seems to ring clearer. It most certainly is a magical...

sonic bloom festival 2017
Five Must-See Acts at Sonic Bloom Festival 2017

  By Brittany Smith Hummingbird Ranch in Southern Colorado has become the permanent home for underground electronic music festival Sonic Bloom. Ringing in its 12th year on June 15-18th, it was no surprise they would bring an insanely stacked lineup with headliners Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, The Polish...

sonic bloom 2017
Join us at the Sonic Bloom 2017 Pre-Party!

  Once again, a special treat awaits fans at Cervantes’ Masterpiece for a two-night pre-party celebration honoring and preparing for Colorado’s most cherished summer festival: Sonic Bloom. For a limited time tickets can be purchased for $35 in advance, giving you dual venue access for both Friday,...

Sonic Blossom Cervantes Sonic Bloom pre-party
Meet Sonic Blossom, Sonic Bloom’s Funky Pre-Party

Can't wait until Sonic Bloom 2017? We've got a magical pre-party with a stacked lineup to tide you over until next June! Join us at Sonic Blossom, a Sonic Bloom pre-party at Cervantes Masterpiece and Other Side in Denver on Friday, November 11, 2016. Sonic Bloom is known...