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Inside Out Presents was created in 2013 by music lovers for music lovers, and our goal is to bring better music to the masses. Music has the opportunity to do more – to heal, to unify, and to give us all reason and purpose to be alive and celebrate that life. We believe in the transformational power of music and music festivals, inside out, and because of this, we are dedicated to creating and sharing beautiful cultural experiences with our extended musical family. Above all, we are a community that seeks to connect people through the invisible magic of music.

We have long running marketing partnerships with Cervantes Masterpiece, the Fillmore and Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado; we also work with national festivals like Sonic Bloom, Lightning in a Bottle, Day for Night, One Vibration and many others.  We use our digital and physical capabilities to get the word out about these events and others like it. We use our voice to communicate these events to you, the people we are most alike.

If you need additional reach for an event you are throwing or want to get the word out about your upcoming tour, send us an email and we can discuss potential collaborations.

Inside Out Presents
Inside Out Presents